Statements of Limitation

Vehicle Status

B.C.- registered vehicles may have a status of normal, rebuilt, salvage, altered, or non-repairable.

Please note: Vehicle status alone does not fully describe a vehicle's mechanical condition or damage history.

Vehicle status records are obtained from the B.C. vehicle registry at the date and time of a VIN search. Any changes to a vehicle's status after that date will change the information shown.

The status may not represent the vehicle accurately for a number of reasons, including any of the following:

  • A written off vehicle has not been reported to the B.C. vehicle registry.
  • A vehicle wrecker or recycler has not reported a vehicle that has been decommissioned.
  • A vehicle with major damage was repaired by its owner.
  • An insurer denied a claim, or the owner did not follow through with a claim.
  • A vehicle was recently written off, but the registry has not been updated yet.
  • A vehicle imported to B.C. (either from Canada or the U.S.) had an incorrect status in the jurisdiction it came from.

Vehicle Claims History

This is a report of vehicle damage and includes repairs paid by ICBC and outstanding damage estimates at the date and time this report is issued. Any claim payments and adjustments made after that date will change the information shown. 

You should not accept this report unless it is obtained directly from ICBC, an Autoplan broker, or a motor dealer registered under the British Columbia Motor Dealer Act. This report is not for resale. No modifications are allowed. Reproductions are permitted only with authorization from ICBC.

Information is from ICBC’s files only―damage paid by other insurance companies is not included.

The report may be incomplete or show No Details for a number of reasons, including any of the following:

  • The vehicle was not insured by ICBC when the damage occurred.
  • The owner did not make a claim to ICBC.
  • The owner did not arrange for ICBC to estimate their vehicle, or ICBC has not captured a damage estimate for the vehicle.
  • ICBC has not yet made payments for the damage.
  • The claim may still be under review.
  • ICBC denied a claim or there was no coverage for the loss.
  • The vehicle:
    • was not registered in B.C. when the damage occurred (e.g.,  a brand new vehicle or one from out-of-province),
    • was not required to be registered under B.C.’s Motor Vehicle Act or Commercial Transport Act (e.g., an off-highway vehicle, such as a dirt bike),
    • the vehicle’s registration number was not electronically captured.
  • Additionally, claims paid under some types of special coverage policies may not be included in this report. (For example, when a single policy covers several vehicles, we may be unable to report the repair costs for an individual vehicle insured under that policy.) Historically, special coverage claims have accounted for less than 5% of the total number of claims reported to ICBC each year.
  • For a small number of claims, our systems are unable to retrieve estimate information.

Vehicle Estimate Information

Please note that:

  • Vehicle estimates may not reflect the actual cost of repairs. For example: hidden damage may be found when the vehicle is being repaired at the repair facility.
  • The vehicle may have a repair estimate; however, it is possible that the nature and extent of damage may make the vehicle a total loss and not economically repairable.
  • The reports list the primary area of damage for each claim. This is the area on the vehicle that costs the most (or is initially estimated to cost the most) to repair. Other areas of the vehicle may have also been damaged. The primary area of damage may not necessarily be the area of the vehicle that sustained the greatest forces of impact.
  • For a few types of claims (such as glass claims), we are unable to provide the primary area of damage, as our systems are unable to retrieve this information.

ICBC does not make any representations as to whether repairs detract from or add to the vehicle or its value.

Please note:  This report contains information from ICBC’s files and is generally believed to be correct. However, due to various limitations, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. If it is incomplete or inaccurate, ICBC will not be held liable for more than the cost of the report.

We encourage you to have the vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic to obtain a more complete assessment of the vehicle’s condition.

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